Music at The Green Place
Saturday 20 September  - 
12noon - 8:30pm

The Green Place, 6 Cossington Road, Sileby, Leics. LE12 7RS



Grace Jenkinson
Grace Jenkinson

Matt Henshaw
Matt Henshaw
Matt plays acoustic rhythm 'n' gospel music inspired by love, loss, peace and tea.

The N'Ukes

The N'Ukes present 100 years of popular music... on the ukulele.

Celia Wilding (comedy)
Celia Wilding
Celia is a storyteller whose exuberant tales embellish truths of life’s mishaps and misunderstandings.

 Northern Quarter
Northern Quarter
Formed in 2001 in Loughborough, Northern Quarter are an acoustic band who mainly play their own material. Their music is characterised by the complementary vocal styles and harmonies of lead singers Gerry Farrow and Victoria Warburton blending with the duel cajon & percussion section to produce a unique live sound experience.

The Not So Big Band
Not So Big Band

Bruce Edhouse (comedy)

The Silver Threetles

The Silver Threetles The Silver Threetles began as an idea 3 years ago, born out of the desire to turn back time, and see The Beatles play again. Nicknamed 'The Beatles Police' after their ability to 'out-trivia' anyone within 200 yards, The Silver Threetles love what they do, have a great time and want you to enjoy the music as much as they do.
Sophie Percival
Sophie Percival
Heartfelt music delivered with feeling and power.

Mia and the Moon
Mia and the Moon
Acoustic sibling harmony with ethereal over tones and gospel roots

Stu Crown and the Bobcats

Unfortunately have cancelled. 


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