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Acoustic live local music in Leicester

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D i a r y 

Music at The Green Place

1pm - 9:30
Saturday 16 September

The Green Place, 6 Cossington Road, Sileby, Leics. LE12 7RS

A chance for you to enjoy an afternoon and evening of live music in the open air.   The pleasant grounds are home to eco-group Complete Wasters.  There is a wildlife garden and indoor café.  On the day we will also be holding a BBQ and pizzas, kids' activities and garden games, as well as an upcycled caravan bar.

Additionally the centre has a treehouse, swings and den, a second-hand book hut, and ethical gift shop.


Rosedale Crossing

Rogue State Circus

Kristy Gallacher

Scribble Victory

Sophia Marshall

Instrumental Sam

Ruth Stanton

The Dancing WuMasters

Two Hombres


Entrance - £5 advance, under 12's free.


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